Hey everybody! *crickets*

Hey to everyone who comes here even rarely! Be it trolls or genuine wiki workers. I have a plan about what the wiki could be for if you are interested. But so we're on the same page, a brief history.


I don't know for certain the events before my time here, but I'll try.

Wiki...oldschool started this wiki. They left after making some edits here and there. It was abandoned by all except a few trolls and some users mistaking it for another wiki. (Video Game Ideas wiki rather than VGI wiki). Most trolls left because there were no other users to annoy.

I found it, and figured it could be a complementary service to my own game ideas wiki. I adopted the wiki through Wikia Community Wiki adoption page. Thus, the updated look and updated main page.

Oldschool came back and banned my for my work. Then disappeared. Slightly confused (having never been banned before), I unbanned myself with my bureaucrat powers. Thus the slightly more updated main page.

I didn't see any interest in this wiki from anyone else, and forgot about it for a bit. No real updates for months.

So, now I'm back with a proposal about what this site could be for.

About Me

Yes, because I'm so important. I've done design work for such wikis plenty before. I've helped the Gameideas wiki, the think-up games wiki and the vgi wiki now.

I believe that this wiki could serve its own purpose out of the six/seven other related wikis out there.The focus has to be thought about thoroughly first. Thus this idea.


This, as I've changed, is the [Video] Game Ideas wiki. The url is VGI. Such notes are important when planning a new branding experience.

My plan is to change the focus of the wiki and rename it "The VGI Expansion Wiki" (Or VGI Wiki Expanded, Expanded VGI wiki, V-GIE wiki, etc. something along the lines)

This wiki will not be for Video Game Ideas of themselves, but rather the backup and supportin info for other Game idea wikis.

This wiki, while not having its own game ideas, will host character, place, object pages that are important to other wikis. This plan will unclutter other wikis of unrelated pages and create more traffic for all wikis in the network.

Invitation to use this wiki as a cross reference for other Game Idea wikis is always open. The main page will be distinct from other VG wikis, but will make note of its past and affiliates.

"This wiki is often confused with the other Video Game Ideas wiki. You may be looking for that one instead.

This wiki is affiliates with the GIW, Video Game Ideas wiki and the Think-up Games wiki."

If no one agrees to this, I will make another wiki, and give this one to the other Video Game Ideas wiki as another domain name pointing to it. + Traffic.

The other option to this is that one user adopts it for themselves and does their own thing with it. Talk to me if you like that better.

And so it begins

This blog should have responses within two weeks. Thus is the deadline.

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