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    To the users of this wiki

    September 30, 2012 by Geniusguy445

    Hey everybody! *crickets*

    Hey to everyone who comes here even rarely! Be it trolls or genuine wiki workers. I have a plan about what the wiki could be for if you are interested. But so we're on the same page, a brief history.

    I don't know for certain the events before my time here, but I'll try.

    Wiki...oldschool started this wiki. They left after making some edits here and there. It was abandoned by all except a few trolls and some users mistaking it for another wiki. (Video Game Ideas wiki rather than VGI wiki). Most trolls left because there were no other users to annoy.

    I found it, and figured it could be a complementary service to my own game ideas wiki. I adopted the wiki through Wikia Community Wiki adoption page. Thus, the updated look …

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